The needs of the Consumer Goods industry are in creating simple items that make daily life easier for consumers, and attractive, functional, packaging that can be brought to market quickly and affordably with an eye to sustainability. With most traditional materials–like wood, glass, and metal–being replaced with high-quality plastics, the consumer product manufacturer industry, now more than ever, requires the use of multi-component, co-injection and structural foam processes. Pune Polymers supply consumer product manufacturers the flexibility needed to accommodate high-volume plastics production. Pune Polymers provide precision and speed for consumer goods packaging.

Caps & Closures

We offer a wide range of in-house self made caps that are suitable for Personal Care, Health Care, Food and Pharmaceutical industry. These caps are shaped differently and can be custom colored as per the customer’s requirement. We offer various types of caps on Tubes & Bottles. Our Design & Development Department can develop the unique cap you need for your product.