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Face Mask 2.0 comes with a solution by providing a replaceable filter concept. Face Mask 2.0 has been designed keeping in mind a major issue with all face masks of Glasses Fogging due to the air exhaled. Face Mask 2.0 solves this problem with an engineered design which doesn’t allow any air to escape and in turn doesn’t fog your glasses. The transparent material of Face Mask 2.0 allows you to flaunt your face while other have theirs hidden.

The Filters are separately provided which can be easily replaced. Each filter is good for 3 consecutive days and will have to be changed on the 4th day.

Respiratory Valves are important to maintain the breathing circulation within the mask. But after the Govt of India announced valve masks are not to be used, we decided to reengineer the valves to provide our customers with the best of breathing experience without risking the lives of the people around you. Hence the Respiratory Valve of Face Mask 2.0 comes with a inbuilt filter which ensures that not just the air that you are breathing in is safe but also the air that you are breathing out is safe.

Make Biocompatible Polymer
Color Transparent
Filters The filters have been tested and certified to provide 99% Bacteria Filter Efficiency (BFE) and No Virus Penetration (VP) by NABL accredited lab.
Straps Single loop which goes around your neck and head to provide you with the customised fitment. There is also an adjuster provide at the end to help you loosen/tighten the mask as per your requirements
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